recipe: sambal chicken skewers

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I have been slightly preoccupied with planting this past month and my new recipes posts have been slim.  So today I want to share my Fourth of July barbecue recipes.  I’ll start with the delicious chicken recipe and sauce.  It’s found in the current issue of Bon Appetit and this may be my favorite marinade of all time.  You’ll probably need to shop for the ingredients but the extra time is well worth it.  I love chicken thighs… they are moist, succulent, tasty, and soooo cheap.  Let’s face it, when cooking for a crowd sometimes it’s nice not to spend a fortune on meat.  The recipe calls for cubing the thighs and putting the meat on skewers, but I like them whole and grilled.



• ½ cup brown sugar (packed)
• ½ cup unseasoned rice vinegar
• 1/3 cup hot chili paste
• ¼ cup of fish sauce
• ¼ cup Sriracha
• 2 teaspoons finely grated peeled ginger
• 1 ½ LB skinless boneless chicken thighs cut into 1½ – 2″ pieces
• 8 bamboo skewers (soaked in water for at least 1 hour)



• Prepare grill at medium-high heat.

• Whisk the first 6 ingredients together then coat and toss the chicken pieces and thread 4-5 pieces onto a skewer.

• Transfer the marinade to a small sauce pan and bring to a boil.

• Reduce heat and simmer until reduced by ½ (1 cup) 7-10 minutes.

• Grill chicken turning and basting with the sauce 8-10 minutes.

Ready to serve, enjoy!!!




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farmers market finds

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I love carrots and you can’t beat the color!  The market is a visual feast.

I slice and sauté green garlic with veggies or pasta… a great flavor!

A bunch of beets… beautiful!



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shade container

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If I had my choice, shade versus sun, I’d always choose shade.  I love to plant shade pots using difference textures and colors of greens with soft colors… ferns, fuchsia, begonias, and coleus.  Just perfect!



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summer sun container

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Oranges and pinks a perfect pick for the hot summer sun.



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The fourth of July is just around the corner but red, white, and blue works all year.  These dishes, napkins, and mats can be purchased at Material Possessions in Winnetka and Chicago.



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summer shade container

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Fuchsia trees are really the perfect stunning center for summer shade containers.  Complimented by a variety of ferns, coleus, and begonias you have a wonderful summer shade pot.



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mother’s day

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I’m a bit late, but I wanted to thank my family for a wonderful Mother’s day, I didn’t lift a finger.  All the cooking was done by my son and husband.  My other son did the initial clean-up and organization for a great breakfast.  Cinnamon French toast made with homemade bread from Aunt Tammy… delicious!  Scrambled eggs with fresh herbs couldn’t have been better.  In addition, peppered bacon, maple cured sausage, fresh fruit, bagels with cream cheese and tomatoes, capers, cucumbers, onions, and fresh squeezed orange juice was on the menu.  My gifts were perfect.  One of my favorites was my husband’s flowers that have lasted all week and keep getting more beautiful!  I’m sharing those pictures of the most amazing peonies… love them!

Thanks to my guys for making my day so very special.


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mom’s birthday celebration!

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My Mom  turned “80” this month and last weekend we spent time celebrating her Birthday.  At 80 you don’t want to plan too many events, so we kept it at one major activity a day and then we just decided to be in the moment.

We started on Thursday evening, my family flying into Chicago from Charlotte and an easy rib dinner at Miller’s Pub.  Dear Elizabeth, my adopted “Niece”, organized this.

Friday morning, a beautiful day for a wonderful breakfast at Wildberry on Randolph.  The breakfast was delicious.  We ordered amazing pancakes, omelettes and the best coffee, Intelligentsia.  It was a perfect start to our birthday celebration weekend.

We drove back to the burbs to cook and chill.  My sister Tammy made the best oatmeal Oatmeal Cinnamon Bread.  We still have a loaf in the freezer!  She also started on her Chocolate Ganache Cake.  I was busy roasting the chicken for the Chicken Salad Veronique  and cutting all the veggies for the Chopped Salad.  I cooked corn, boiled eggs, chopped up Persian cucumbers, red onions, and tomatoes, and made crispy bacon.  I chopped up roasted chicken breasts, grapes, tarragon, fennel, and celery, and soaked my currants for a delicious chicken salad.  I made a wonderful, but simple French vinaigrette for our chopped salad.  All the prep work was for Saturday’s luncheon honoring Mom’s Birthday.  We had a garden cake made at “Three Tarts Bakery” in Northfield.  My niece mixed up a special iced tea, adding peach nectar, frozen peach slices, oranges, and lemons.  Shaynah was in charge of tea and the popovers, another hot scrumptious bread.

I had cut spring flowers and used whatever pink and green linens and dishes I had to complete a festive table.  The vintage dollies were fun to scatter around the table.

Mom sat and watched “Argo” while we entertained ourselves in the kitchen.  It is so much fun to cook with my sister and niece.  We all seemed to just have a good synergy.  It was easy, fluid, and fun… a great team in the kitchen!

The luncheon was lovely and filled with old friends, which made the day so very special for Mom.  I cannot stress enough that no matter what food we served it wasn’t as important as the people that gathered around the table.  My Mom was happy, excited, thrilled, and thankful!  We never get too old for a special Birthday celebration!

After lunch we hung out in the backyard, relaxing on the hammock, and enjoying the Charlotte weather my family brought to Chicago.  Baby Aiden (Shaynah’s adorable son) found a new love for the hammock that Uncle Garry introduced her to.

Another trip back to Chicago to hang with the girls.  We had leftover luncheon food for dinner and it was good night for Mom and Aiden.  But now time for the rest of us to go out to celebrate and toast.  We started at “Pops” with a wonderful pink champagne.  Our next shop was “The Pump Room” redesigned and stunning filled with beautiful looking people and great drinks!

Sunday was another gorgeous day.  We slept late, made breakfast, and walked and shopped down Michigan Ave.  Mom was in her wheelchair for ease and speed… Aiden was in his stroller.  It was a great workout for all.  We were prepping ourselves for dinner at “Girl & the Goat”.

One of my favorite places to dine… I love the small plate concept.  First order of business was fresh bread and I’m sorry but I can’t even remember which breads we chose, they were delicious and eaten in record time!  Next we ordered the green beans with cashews and a fish sauce that has changed my taste for green beans.  I have never enjoyed this vegetable until eating them at Girl & the Goat.

We were all salivating and devouring the beans.  The chickpea fritters with trumpet mushrooms, okra, mushroom aioli, and prairie fruits chèvre is another one of my favorite vegetable options.  It was a hit!  I will not bore you with everything we ordered but the diver scallops in a brown butter kimchi with hazelnuts and avocado was another wonderful choice.  We ordered beef cheeks, pork belly and more.  I have to mention the “Wood-Fired Walter’s Chicken” with ramp goddess dressing… I can only say amazing!

This group loves sweets so we ordered three different ones.  Our variety of sweets included a “Milk chocolate sponge cake” with rhubarb and passion fruit, “Sticky Date Cake”, and the best of all “Miso-Butterscotch Budino”, with bacon toffee (I could live on that!), glazed pineapple and candied cashews.  This dessert needs to be revisited and hopefully I can try to recreate something with these elements.  We were all completely full, happy, and glad we had chosen this as our celebration dinner.  It was the perfect ending to our birthday celebration for mom.

I shared this weekend with you all because it reflects the purpose of my blog… bringing family and friends together with food is the best!



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recipe: oatmeal cinnamon bread

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• 1-1/2 cups boiling water
• 1 cup rolled oats
• 3/4 cup molasses or honey
• 3 tablespoons soft butter
• 1 tablespoon dry active yeast
• 2 cups lukewarm water
• 8 cups flour, half whole wheat and half unbleached white
• 1 cup sugar
• 2 tablespoons cinnamon


• Pour boiling water over oats and let stand 30 minutes.

• Add molasses and butter.

• Dissolve the yeast in the warm water and add to oat mixture.

• Beat and work in enough of the flour to make a medium-soft dough.

• Turn onto floured board and knead until smooth, about 10 minutes.

• Place dough in a clean buttered bowl, turn to butter the top.

• Cover and let rise in a warm place until doubled, about 1 hour.

• Turn onto a board and knead again.

• Mix together the cinnamon and sugar.

• Divide the dough into 3 pieces, roll each into a rectangle.

• Spread the cinnamon sugar mixture onto each.

• Roll each rectangle tightly like a jelly roll (cinnamon sugar mixture side in) and seal all the edges.

• Place into oiled loaf pans.

• Cover and let rise till doubled, about 45 mins.

• Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

• Bake the loaves 5 minutes; lower heat to 350 degrees and bake 40 minutes longer or until loaves sound hollow when tapped on bottom.

• Brush top with butter.



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recipe: Pam’s chopped salad

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I make a salad almost every day and my recipe always changes depending on what’s in season and what I have in my vegetable drawer, fridge, and pantry.  I wanted this luncheon salad to be more like a chopped salad a bit of everything chopped so there was something special for everyone.


• 2 large heads of butter lettuce, chopped
• 1 head of romaine, chopped
• 2 cups of arugula, stems removed
• 4-5 ears of corn cooked (Fresh corn kernels used for salad.)
• 8 pieces of thick bacon, cooked and cut into 1 inch pieces
• 2 cups of cherry tomatoes, sliced
• 4 Persian cucumbers, chopped
• 1 cup of red peppers, chopped
• 1 red onion, chopped (Can be served on the side.)
• 1-½ cup chopped nuts (sliced almonds, pine nuts, sunflowers seeds, walnuts, whatever you prefer)
• 1-½ cups of peas (I used frozen but kept them crisp not overcooked.)
• 1-½ cups of cheese (I served gorgonzola and feta on the side.)
• 2 sliced avocados (This is the last item to cut and add.  Use lime juice on slices to keep fresh.)

I serve the salad in a large shallow bowl.  Starting with the lettuce and then strips of ingredients cover the top, surrounded on the lip of the bowl by avocado slices.  I served the onion and cheese on the side in small bowls surrounding the main salad bowl.  Be creative and use your own favorites… there are so many wonderful choices.





This recipe serves 4-6 so I doubled this for the above salad as I was serving a group of 12.


• 3 tablespoons of champagne vinegar
• 1 tsp of Dijon mustard
• 1 tsp of mayonnaise
• ½ tsp fresh garlic
• Dash of salt & pepper
• ½ good olive oil

Mix with an emersion blender… delicious!  I always keep this dressing in my fridge.  Again be creative you can add more garlic, fresh herbs; use white wine or red wine vinegar.  Enjoy!



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