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December 6th, 2017 | Posted by admin in FLOWERS | Outdoor


Winter containers are actually some of my favorite to work on.  It is more about arranging greens and specialty items than planting.


We like to have our clients remove the fall or summer plants and keep the container about 3/4 full of soil.  This helps us because this time of year the containers may freeze and then it’s very difficult to get the greens placed.


I use a variety of winter branches from silver, noble, and fraser fir to incense and blue coned Cedar. I adore red huckleberry and German boxwood to help build the containers structure, then we have fun arranging around that.


The fun begins when we add floral options that can work and last in the containers.  My favorites are berzelia, brunia, and leucadendron cones.  Like icing on a beautiful cake we add the toppers and accents… birch branches, curly willow, mossed branches, magnolia tips, pine cones, pomegranates, and other surprises such as artichokes and sleighs this year!   The idea is to have fun and make it fit your home’s style and your holiday whatever it may be!


A beautiful winter container can last through the early spring and help enhance the entrance of your home.



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