About Me

I am not a professionally trained cook but I grew up cooking.  My mother’s family is Danish so that’s probably where I get my taste for anything sweet.  My father’s side is Armenian so cooking with fresh vegetables, spices, good cuts of meat of course a lot of lamb and always for a crowd is where I get my passion for entertaining.  My Grandmother was an amazing gardener & cook.  Her kitchen was her domain and her pantry could always feed any unexpected group that happened to stop by.  I have always loved to have friends come to share a good meal at our table, family come for the holidays, and cook most nights at my home.  I am married and have two grown sons who both enjoy food.  My favorite person to cook with is my sister Tammy although we do not get to do it often enough.  Food for me is more than just nutrition… it is a way to show love… the smells of meals from my childhood are traditions that comfort my soul.  As you may have guessed I am not a “skinny” girl but I always try to keep my meals well balanced and healthy.  My hope is that we becomes friends and as I share my recipes and ideas for entertaining you share with me.  A great meal needs to be served with a full table… and a good recipe needs to be shared with friends.  I hope you tune in and visit the site and find it helpful.


– Pamela Weiner




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