places to go: Klaud’s kitchen

June 24th, 2015 | Posted by admin in PLACES TO GO - (0 Comments)

We spent a fun weekend in Door County and had a delicious lunch at a great café, “Klaud’s Kitchen”.  The menu is short and perfect!  I was so excited to see liver sausage on pumpernickel with brown mustard and onions.  Does it get any better?  The bread was soft, fresh, and thick, but the liver sausage was thicker, a big slab smothered in a delicious mustard and what seemed like picked onions.  I was in heaven.  This sandwich brought me back to my Danish roots… one of my mom’s favorites.  The egg salad looked just as amazing and we all were disappointed we didn’t try the baked bologna!!  Then to add to the lunch, Klaud brought out fresh, hot biscotti!  It was again making us all cheat on any diet restrictions we had… crisp on the outside and a chocolate brownie like softness on the inside.  The most interesting part of our visit was both partners were from the Chicagoland area, each having a business in Long Grove and moving up to Door County to start this new place.  Ok I apologize for not having pictures of the food.  It was so good we ate before remembering to take pictures!  I may have to make another weekend trip sooner than later to enjoy this special lunch spot.



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places to go: eataly

December 15th, 2014 | Posted by admin in PLACES TO GO - (0 Comments)

I had a “big” birthday this week and because I love to cook and eat, my girlfriends took me to Eataly.  Their manifesto speaks to me… ” In love with food”, ” food unites us all”… so we ventured on to “Eat, Shop, & Learn”.  We were fortunate enough to have an amazing guide take us through all the different departments and restaurants.  It was a farmers market on steroids, all Italian.  From Tomahawk Steaks dry aged beef, to hunks of delicious cheese, pastas, fresh baked bread, a fish counter to die for, and beautiful sweets accompanied by the perfect cup of cappuccino. I will be going back now that I have the lay of the land… maybe even to take a cooking class. If you love food, like to cook, and appreciate fresh wonderful food you should go.  Enjoy!

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grove park in asheville

July 25th, 2014 | Posted by admin in PLACES TO GO - (2 Comments)

We had a great two days in Asheville, NC.  Our first stop was the Biltmore Estate.  The tour through the house was amazing.  The drive up to the home was beautiful and the gardens, greenhouse, and plant varieties were spectacular!  Fields of sunflowers, rose gardens, wisteria canopies, succulents in abundance, and beautiful water gardens… borders of perennials… I was on a visual overload!!!  We stayed at an old beautiful hotel “The Grove Park Inn”… historical and lovely. The small town is nestled in the Smokey Mountains filled with wonderful restaurants and shops.  A perfect weekend getaway.




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places to go: cozy

October 1st, 2013 | Posted by admin in PLACES TO GO - (0 Comments)

I love small, inexpensive, quirky places with great food!  Cozy is just that, a perfect place with a fun environment.

Check out all the memorabilia ….so fun. I had the crispy pad Thai noodles and I loved them ! They were spicy, crispy with great fresh flavors.  We even ran In to “Elvis” on our way out.  A great place to try in Chicago.



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places to go: eleven city diner

March 11th, 2013 | Posted by admin in PLACES TO GO - (0 Comments)

I spent a sunny Sunday morning at the Dog Show in Chicago.  I am a sucker for an adorable pooch, there are three at my house.  I went with my son and his roommate who suggested we stop at “Eleven” for lunch/brunch.  Of course I am never one to turn down a meal.  This is a busy place a buzz of patrons… an eclectic mix making people watching fun!  The decor kept us busy just looking around while waiting for our table.  The wall by our area was filled with portraits of Rabbi’s.  We had so many things we wanted to order… the pancakes looked fluffy and amazing.  But of course we all ordered the “Singer” sandwich, a double-decker pastrami and corned beef sandwich, a bowl of matzo ball soup.

The soup was delicious and the matzo ball fluffy.  The sandwich was luscious, the pastrami perfect but I like my corned beef a little more lean.  The portions are large so splitting a sandwich is a good option.  There were so many things we wanted to try, I’ll definitely come back to “Eleven”.



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This past weekend I went to Hausermann’s Orchid Show.  It is worth the visit out to Villa Park if you appreciate these amazing plants.  I went to buy Orchids for customers and will probably have to go back next weekend to buy for my own home.  The variety of orchids is what makes this show so exciting.  You will see so many types you never find at a retail flower shop.

I am including a few of my favorites and I may have more pictures if I go out again next weekend.  The show ends March 3rd.  It’s a great activity for this weekend.



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places to go: publican quality meats

October 24th, 2012 | Posted by admin in PLACES TO GO - (0 Comments)

I hadn’t yet made my way to Publican Quality Meats… so I went to check out the shop and sandwiches.  The roast beef was excellent and I am a big fan of the spicy slaw.  I’d recommend this as a fun casual lunch spot.

Lamb and pork belly sausage, feta, cilantro, and piperade on a Franks ‘n Dawgs lobster roll.

Roasted cabbage, Gruyere, and Russian dressing on country bread with pear salad – Dante cheese, greens, celery, and tarragon mustard vinaigrette.



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places to go: cross rhodes

July 17th, 2012 | Posted by admin in PLACES TO GO - (0 Comments)

Looking for a fresh salad, roasted chicken, burger, or gyros?  Then take a trip to Cross Rhodes.  The Greek salad is perfect, well priced and you can have gyros or grilled chicken as a topper.  There is nothing fancy about this stop but the food and pricing makes it a place to go.  It’s located on Chicago Ave. in Evanston right by the “Main” Purple Line stop.



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places to go: superdawg

July 3rd, 2012 | Posted by admin in PLACES TO GO - (0 Comments)

Superdawg is a Chicago classic hot dog destination.  It is a boiled dog not charred packed into a box with all the toppings and fries.  I loved it the very first time I tried a dog.  There is nothing better in my opinion.  The problem is I should not be eating these delicious hot dogs often and they have opened a location close to my house.  It’s a Chicago institution and a must try if you get to Chicago.  The retro feel and drive in service is fun but it’s the food that makes you come back again and again.




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places to go: bahr’s nursery

June 21st, 2012 | Posted by admin in PLACES TO GO - (0 Comments)

If you are from Highland Park you will probably know about Bahr’s, a small nursery with wonderful plants.  If you love geraniums then you have to come visit.  It’s a family business that Tom and Katheryn run but you will see Tom’s parents working too.  If you are looking for quality… meaning beautiful plants, large geraniums, a variety of impatiens, a large succulent selection along with gorgeous baskets, some perennials… stop in.  I could go on and on about the quaint personal nature of the greenhouses, the kindness and knowledge of the owners but really you just have to take a trip and visit yourself.



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