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April 23rd, 2012 | Posted by admin in PLACES TO GO

I live near a small town known for its restaurants, nestled between Lake Forest and Highland Park, it’s Highwood.  You will find authentic Italian food as well as other great spots to eat.  My favorite destination is not a place you stay to eat but a wonderful shop that sells homemade sauces, pasta, entrees, desserts and just about the best matzo ball soup around!  This is my go to place for fresh pasta and wonderful sauces for a crowd or just a meal for two.  I cook so I don’t  recommend buying prepared food often but sometimes we run out of time or need a hand when we are serving a large group… this is where I stop.  The quality, freshness and flavors taste like they came from my own kitchen.  The owner Patricia Galli makes you feel welcome and I know she cooks from a special place.  Serving food, cooking is a wonderful gift to those around you and Patricia embodies that warmth and comfort in her dishes and store.

I have served her matzo ball soup and been asked for my recipe on many occasions… well this is my secret.  The matzo balls are beyond fluffy in a wonderful homemade chicken broth.  I’ll add carrots to my pot and serve.  Did I mention the lasagna?  It’s another must, a veggie and meat version.  I cannot leave without buying the veal tortellini and the modenese sauce.  I have served my family this combination and an entire high school and college hockey team.  If you find yourself in Highwood you must stop at Pastificio!  In my conversations with Patricia they are looking to add a rooftop garden so I’ll be back to visit and share my experience.

I highly recommend Pastificio.



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