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March 21st, 2012 | Posted by admin in FLOWERS | Indoor

A simple orchid to brighten a March day. I love an orchid in the kitchen making every day feel festive.


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  • Tammy Kleber says:

    Can you give a few pointers on how to care for orchids? Mom got me one for Christmas and I was actually surprised that a month after the flowers fell off I got a whole new branch full! I would love to keep this going, but I know nothing about orchid care.

    • Pam says:

      Watering & feeding your orchid a well as good lighting is important. If your orchid is in bark it will dry out more quickly than if’s in moss. I usually
      suggest watering (room temp) once a week and let it drain, don’t let it sit in water. Always water around leaves and don’t let water sit on leaves or they will rot. (turn yellow).
      I suggest a liquid feed with an N P K of 30-10-10. If your orchid has bloomed continue to water every week and feed every other week after watering. Keep your plant in indirect
      light, direct sunlight is not suggested. Again there are so many varities of orchids & each have their own requirements, the NPK will be different for a Phalaenopsis and an Oncidium. Good Luck!

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