the joy of cooking for others

January 9th, 2013 | Posted by admin in UPDATES

I started this blog to catalog meals that I had made for my family.  Then I met an amazing client that changed my life and she had me cooking for her.  She broadened my vision of cooking in my life.  The understanding that food is more than just nourishment was not something new to me.  It has always been a source of comfort and joy sharing dinner with family and friends… but bringing that feeling to others was new.  Food, and I guess I can say my food, has allowed me to enter the lives of my clients and bring that joy into their homes.

I have been cooking for the past several months for another special client, someone who brought his food to all of us.  I originally met him back in the 60’s, a family friend.  I cannot begin to do justice to all his accomplishments, but he pioneered the fast food icon ” McDonald’s” with Ray Kroc.  I was fortunate to get to cook for him all the comfort foods we grew up eating.  I had a menu printed for each meal I would serve.  He loved a good soup, a great cut of meat, and always a special dessert.  I think his favorite meal was a piping hot chicken or beef pot pie… his eyes would light up and that smile and look of contentment I won’t easily forget.  That reaction is what makes cooking so worth the effort when you know someone is loving your food and it makes them feel good… it warmed my heart.  I printed my last menu for him this past Monday.  Fred Turner passed away surrounded by his loving family.  I will miss beyond words Fred’s smile, his clenched fist high five, his kind words about my meals, and the encouragement he gave me as a cook.  I ate my favorite meal at McDonald’s today in honor of Fred, comfort food I grew up with that will always bring good memories and a smile to my face.  Thank you, Fred.



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