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I want to recap what a wonderful day Thanksgiving was for me.  First was my eldest son’s birthday so it is always a special day.  We have a large but not too large group of family and friends.   I had 23 this year and set up three tables so everyone had room to eat and expand.  For me just getting the tables set makes me feel like I’m on my way.

We all cook… the week prior we divide up the dishes and everyone brings two items.  The younger twenty something crowd this year brought all the liquid libations, thanks to my youngest son Josh for organizing.  They set up the bar with soda, beer, wine, vodka… I could go on and on, but the best addition was the pumpkin martinis courtesy of my nephew Alex.  I am so glad we put that crowd in charge.  Our cousins Abby and Kyle actually co-host this holiday.  They fry everything for this amazing feast.. .turkey, shrimp, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, onions… anything we can think of goes into the fryer.  It is a big job and Kyle sets this up with the skill of a surgeon.  Abby is his sous chef and works on all the prep getting every item covered in an amazing sauce.  I am beyond grateful for all the work they both do each Thanksgiving.  Abby also brought individual twice baked sweet potatoes that were beyond scrumptious.  She also baked brownies and a beautiful delicious pumpkin pie.  My sister in law’s cranberries were great!  My brother in law Ron was a huge help bringing two different dressing and delicious veggie sides.  Our cousin Annie always brings the Jello that comes out wonderful and this year was no exception even though she didn’t have a kitchen.  Another cousin Amy brought an array of anti-pasta items that were devoured prior to the feast.  Aunt Lou added crab rangoon from Costco that were gone in a minute, and I do mean THAT fast.  My job was the inside turkey, mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, corn pudding, apple crisp pie, and pumpkin pie.  My husband is the clean-up crew and I am so thankful he doesn’t mind getting his hands soaked and standing over that sink clearing, washing, and drying.  Kyle the fryer cook also pitched in helping get those casserole dishes, platters, and pans clean and ready to take home.  My son and his roommate were helpers extraordinaire.  If I needed anything, a simple request, it was done.  They were up and down the stairs, in and out of the house, cleaning up, helping me move furniture, anything at all we needed they were available.  Thank you!!!

I love this holiday… it brings back memories of being with family, of mountains of food, a day of grazing, football games, and getting back in touch.  It is great to get to see the college kids’ home and a gift to have their friends come too.  We have several generations and that also makes the day special.  I am grateful the house is cleaned up, everyone is safely back home, and I have a fridge full of delicious leftovers.  I won’t share what I had for breakfast.  I was so busy I didn’t get that many pictures but I am sharing what I have.  Thanks to my family for making this a very special Thanksgiving!



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