value wine of the week: conundrum red table wine 2010

October 31st, 2012 | Posted by admin in WINE

Co-nun-drum: “An intricate and difficult problem with a seemingly impossible solution.”  That’s one of many definitions I found when searching multiple dictionary sources.

The Wagner family produces this intriguing red. They are most famous for their Caymus (Cabernet) and Belle Glos (Pinot Noir) labels which are highly sought after high-end wines. You may be familiar with their Conundrum white blend, which has been around for a long time, but this is only their second vintage of this red blend.

As with the white blend, they won’t tell you exactly which grapes are used in the red, thus the “conundrum” in trying to figure it out. But it doesn’t take but a sip to figure out that this wine is intriguing, delicious and very versatile. I picked up on the dried berries and chocolate tones and found it to have a medium length finish that makes it easy to keep coming back to even after your meal is finished.

My good friend Jim brought this to a dinner party last month and it was a big hit, so “thanks Jim”! The winery lists the price at $22 but we’ve been able to find it for $13-$15. No need to wait on this one, it’s ready now and will satisfy for several years to come.



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