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September 7th, 2012 | Posted by admin in TABLE DRESSING

I was invited to speak to the Bannockburn Garden Club this week.  It was such a lovely group of women.  I feel at home with people who love to garden and cook.  Many of these women live a few blocks from me but we have never met.  It is always a gift to get to meet your neighbors especially those that share your interests.  I live in Deerfield so I’m just a block away from joining this great group of women on their yearly adventures relating to gardening.

We spent our time discussing recipes that worked with our end of season vegetables.  I made Gazpacho filled with tomatoes, cucumbers, and a variety of peppers, served in mason jars.  We discussed table dressing… a favorite accent to entertaining.  I brought three fun settings for this amazing kitchen that’s accented in red.  I hope to get some recipes promised and I am so fortunate to have met all these women.

A special thanks to Joanne, who is a gracious host and has one of my favorite kitchens.

RECIPE: Nan’s Gazpacho  (Click to Read)



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