value wine of the week: predator zinfandel 2010

August 24th, 2012 | Posted by admin in WINE

Is it still summer time? Then we must still be grilling. And if we’re still grilling then I’m writing about the best red wine to pair with grilled meats. Zinfandel! When I say Zinfandel I’m always talking about the red varietal.

Predator is the first “Zin” review since I’ve started writing for you. I’m sure there will be more. Zinfandel is the most versatile red wine I have experienced. There are a few different styles based on the region the grapes are grown along with the wine maker’s preferences.

Predator is from the Lodi Appellation of California and is harvested from “old vines”. If you look closely at the label you will see that the Lady Bug is the Predator, implying the organic approach to controlling pests used by this winery.

Predator is characterized by bacon, vanilla, smoky barbeque and spice on the nose. When it hits your pallet there is a jammy and robust dark cherry flavor that mingles with the characteristic spiciness that often accompanies Zinfandel.

Good Zinfandels can get very pricey, but this one can be purchased for $14-16. Grill a burger, steak, lamb chops or marinated chicken and pop open a bottle of this full bodied red wine.



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