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June 21st, 2012 | Posted by admin in UPDATES

I was just visiting my sister in Charlotte, NC and we had a great time cooking together.  She actually did most of the cooking, as it was my vacation.  My brother in law Denny has a gift for choosing the perfect wine to accompany every meal without breaking the bank.  It is such a pleasure to have someone pick a great wine for a wonderful meal.  I talked my brother into writing a section of this blog devoted to wine.  It is our goal to have you enjoy wine with your meal and venture into value wines that are affordable without sacrificing taste.  Meet Denny “The Wine Buddy”, I have a feeling you will be tuning into the blog more and more due to “The Wine Buddy”.  I will continue to add recipes, products, table dressings, and places to go that are easy, interesting, and mostly healthy with the ultimate purpose of bringing your family and friends to your table.

– Pam



Hi Everyone,

I’m excited to share my passion about wine with all of you.  When I say “passion” I am referring to all aspects of what goes into the final product that so many of us enjoy, from the growing of the grapes, to the climates they grow in, and to the art and craft of making wine.

My goal is to make you aware of value wines, those every day wines that don’t break the bank but offer a high quality to price ratio, along with the special occasion wines that might cost a bit more, but are worth the price.  And, the good news is… I don’t mean that you have to spend over $40 for a special occasion wine.  There are many wines below that price point that are absolutely delicious.

My love for wine began about 15 years ago in 1997, which coincidentally happened to be labeled as the vintage of the century in California and Italy.  Since that time I’ve accumulated wines that I have been able to cellar for several years along with buying my every day wines, which can be drunk immediately or held for 1-5 years.

I look forward to jumping in from time to time with excerpts that will enhance your wine buying and wine enjoyment experience.


– Denny “The Wine Buddy”


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