pantry staples: parker’s natural peanut butter

March 19th, 2012 | Posted by admin in PANTRY STAPLES

Favorite: Honey Creamy

Its peanuts, honey & salt.  NO hydrogenated oils, No trans fats, and gluten free.  I was making my own peanut butter after studying the labels of other popular peanut butters.  My amazing friend who cooks and is also a corporate honcho… makes her own peanut butter. My boys went crazy for hers and it was just salted peanuts crushed and creamed into a perfect butter.  I enjoy cooking, but my house went thru that peanut butter so fast it made me crazy.  Then I found this Parker’s brand.  I love the addition of honey (although you can buy it without) and I also love crunchy but creamy is also available.  I keep the Honey Creamy and Crunchy in my fridge at all times.  Really you need to try this brand, it is worth every penny.


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