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March 20th, 2013 | Posted by admin in PANTRY STAPLES

This is a must have in your kitchen.  I will be honest; I had a French Press in my pantry collecting dust for several years.  I was served coffee at a small coffee house and they used a French Press.  I loved it and of course brought mine out of the pantry to sit permanently on the counter.  I put my “huge” Keurig away and the new space was great.  I now make my morning coffee in this wonderful way and it makes my morning special.  When I had a large group over the other night I still used this method and everyone appreciated the coffee… it really is delicious.


• Put your freshly ground coffee into the bottom of the pot (2 scoops /cup).

• Turn on your tea kettle to boil water.

• When ready pour over coffee in the pot.

• You can put the top with plunger over the top of the coffee pot, but wait 3-4 minutes so the coffee can steep, then press plunger down very slowly and steadily.

• Allow another minute for the coffee sediment to settle to the bottom.

• Hold the French press up to the sun before serving, if there is any hint of sunlight shining through the coffee, pour it out and start all over again.  I have never had this happen!  Enjoy!!!


A great brand is the Bodum “Chambord” French Press and it’s affordable.



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